10 Tips & Tricks to improve your handwriting

April 10, 2022 ...

It’s not unreasonable to think that as technology is gradually blending more and more with our daily lives, the conventional act of writing with a pen is becoming somewhat obsolete. The ease with which we can write papers in word processors, as well as the introduction of apps that allow us to sync our notes across different devices, has made handwritten documents quite old fashioned. But, don’t let this underestimate the importance of handwriting, especially when it comes to English handwriting.

Importance of English handwriting

English supremacy:

Both English-speaking and non-English speaking countries highly favour people with superior English competence for visa approval and recruitment, which is reflected through IELTS, SELT and other similar exams. Good and neat English handwriting increases your chances of doing better in these exams, as well as being selected.

good handwriting

Educational benefit:

As the majority of our examinations are still completed by hand, handwriting is an important aspect of our educational system. It remains a very useful skill, and students who are unable to write legibly and articulately are at a significant disadvantage to those who can. This means that, despite the use of technology in the classroom, students’ capacity to write without the aid of technology should still be emphasized.

English for competitive examinations:

Many examinations check for candidates who are good at writing in English. This includes academic exams such as admission assessments, GRE & GMAT, as well as professional recruitment tests. The world, being a global village now requires tremendous competency in English documentation in all sectors including education, business, and corporations. Consequently, good handwriting helps to cut better marks and secure better jobs!

সুন্দর ও দ্রুত বাংলা হাতের লেখা

এই কোর্সটি আপনাকে কীভাবে সাহায্য করবে?

  • বাংলা হাতের লেখা পরিষ্কার ও দ্রুত করার কৌশল আয়ত্ত করে।
  • বাংলা হাতের লেখা উন্নত করার মাধ্যমে পরীক্ষায় সফলতা বৃদ্ধি করে।
  • বাংলা লেখা নিয়ে ভয় ও সংশয় দূর করে।

    The brain engages more with writing:

    When we write something by hand rather than entering it on a computer, our brain participates in a different way. According to studies, writing improves memory; students are more likely to remember something when they write it down, instead of typing it.

    Encourages Critical Thinking:

    Handwriting can assist us in taking a step back and completely immersing ourselves in our ideas. Thoughts require room to properly develop before being written down in sentences, and writing by hand provides that space. In turn, it makes room for critical thinking and enhanced problem-solving skills.

    What makes handwriting ‘a good handwriting’?

    Characteristics of good handwriting :

    1. Efficient: fast yet fatigue-free.
    2. Beautiful: pleasant to look at.
    3. Aligned: structured and balanced slants and slopes.
    4. Legible: maintaining Letters’ shape, size, formation and thickness same on average.
    5. Distance: between letters and words is measured in millimetres.

    How to improve English handwriting

    How to improve English handwriting

    Work on the basics:

    To begin with, you can utilize the virtue of lined papers. It helps to correct the upward or downward linearity tendency of writers. Practice books and worksheets are most helpful to assist in this continuous exercise. 

    Practice, practice and practice:

    The Latin proverb ‘Practice is the best master’ holds the highest significance when it comes to handwriting. Keep in mind that no one can master handwriting in a single day. It will take time, patience and continuous practice.

    Choose the right material:

    Good handwriting needs the right kind of stationery. Writing style varies from person to person, so does the right kind of pen. People with a quick writing pace should go for gel pens and ballpoint pens. But be aware of the pens lacking fluency as they may spoil the neatness. For slow writing, fountain pens provide the most control over the writing style. Rollerball pens are best for cursive writing, also helping the slow writing style with less commitment. Documents or notebooks should also be chosen wisely. Too thin paper can easily be cut with too much pressure of pen nid edges.

    Proper body posture:

    For decent handwriting, you’ll need a table and a chair. Develop proper posture when writing. Straighten your back and place the unused hand on the notebook or on the piece of paper. This dramatically improves the writing styles as well as is beneficial for bone health.

    Hold the pen properly:

    Choose a pen with a good grip for holding. Hold the pen between your thumb and index finger, as well as the middle fingers, so that it rests on the ring finger. This will ensure that you have the best possible grip on the pen. If you grip the pen too tightly, it may end up hurting your fingertips.

    Stretch your hand:

    Just as a tired body can’t function productively, a tired hand can’t write beautifully. Therefore, before sitting to write for a long time, you should stretch your wrist and hand. Stretching also calms down the muscle and enhances the writing pace.

    Manage your pace:

    Writing is not a race. The shape of the letters often changes and ends up being incorrect when you write too quickly. Sharp letters may become round, while round letters may become sharp. Too quick or too slow writing may disrupt the alignment of the sentence.

    সুন্দর ও দ্রুত ইংরেজি হাতের লেখা

    এই কোর্সটি থেকে যা শিখবেন

  • দ্রুত ইংরেজি হাতের লেখা সুন্দর করার কৌশল।
  • ইংরেজি বর্ণমালা ব্যবহার করে শব্দ গঠনের নিয়ম।
  • ইংরেজি টানা হাতের লেখা (Cursive Handwriting) আয়ত্ত করার কৌশল।

    Read as much as possible:

    Good writing is correlated with good reading. Several studies suggest that a good reader is also better at writing. Reading English literature, poems, blogs, articles, magazines, news etc. is important to increase focus on alphabets and sentence formation. It improves your vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure while also teaching methods to convey ideas.

    Do it!

    Good handwriting is the foundation for professional success and personal confidence. Children, students, instructors, lecturers, and parents feel proud, confident, and inspired to have good writing skills. Some people are naturally good writers, while some need practice and dedication to master the art of handwriting. 

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