5 ways to take Private Bank Job Preparation

February 1, 2022 ...
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As a newcomer in this competitive employment market, finding a new job may be simple, but finding one with a high income and other benefits is way more difficult. There are various types of international companies in Bangladesh that provide great opportunities with high salary ranges. This opportunity can be obtained by preparing for a private bank job. 

Types of Private Banks in Bangladesh

There are 48 private banks in Bangladesh, 39 of which are indigenous and 9 of which are foreign. Almost 34 of these are traditional private commercial banks, which carry out traditional interest-based banking operations.

There are a few Islamic Shariah-based private commercial banks that carry out banking activities according to the Islamic Shariah-based profit-loss sharing principle.

ব্যাংক জবস কোর্স

কোর্সটি করে যা শিখবেন:

  • ব্যাংক জব পরীক্ষার পূর্ণ প্রস্তুতি নেয়ার উপায়
  • পূর্ণ ব্যাখ্যাসহ বাংলা, ইংরেজি, গণিত, সাধারণ জ্ঞান ও আইসিটির প্রতিটি টপিক
  • লাইভ ক্লাসের মাধ্যমে পরীক্ষা প্রস্তুতির দিকনির্দেশনা

    Private Bank Job Preparation

    Most job seekers have a specific type of job sector in mind that they must obtain. If you know what you can do, what to do, and how to do it, this specific objective setting is beneficial. If you’re looking for a job at a private bank, you’ve come to the perfect spot. I’ll tell you how to make a better-organized preparation. I hope you find this information useful in the future.

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    Qualifications for a private bank job position 

    Before starting work, every candidate inquires about the pay scale and the fundamental application requirements, as the future advantages are more motivating than the predetermined aim.

    The following are some entry-level preparatory points:

    • MTO

    To be considered for the position of Management Training Officer, you must have an MBA with a minimum CGPA of 3.00. If you secure one of these jobs, you may expect to earn between 45 and 75 thousand taka a month, with an annual raise of 5 to 10 thousand taka.

    • PO

    It requires nearly the same requirements as MTO, however, an MBA is not required by some banks. A probationary officer’s salary ranges from 35 to 50 thousand taka.

    • JO 

    Honors must be completed in order to be considered for a junior officer job. In SSC-HSC, a GPA of 3.00 to 3.50 is required, and in honors, a CGPA of 2.50 is required. The starting wage ranges between 25 and 30 thousand taka.

    bank job preparation expert suggestionRead more: ব্যাংক জব প্রস্তুতি যেভাবে নেবেন: এক্সপার্ট সাজেশন

    Marks distribution in Private Bank Job exam

    Every bank gives individual jobs circular, and most of them have different styles of questions. But most of them follow a basic question pattern except the mark distribution. 

    Marks distribution depends on the bank and the position. But in general, the written exam mark is 100. Here 70 to 75 come by MCQ and 25 to 30 come by descriptive question. 

    The subjects are:

    • Math
    • English
    • Analytical Ability
    • Computer and IT related Knowledge
    • General Knowledge

    Previous Year Question Solve

    If you want to prepare for a private bank job, you should familiarize yourself with previous year’s questions.

    If you’re looking for books, there are enough of them on the market. Some applicants prefer online courses these days to prepare quickly and efficiently.

    Later if you have solved the previous year’s questions and learned from them, you can have some common questions in the future. This not only aids in the discovery of common questions but also in the comprehension of the question pattern and the development of strong confidence.

    Solving past years’ DU MBA test problems is also a typical tip or approach, given most of the questions are created by the DU MBA Institute’s professors.

    Now, let me walk you through each step of the preparation process.

    you need to cover every subject properly
    Math for competitive exams. Image source: leverageedu.com

    Math preparation for Private Bank Job

    The majority of questions on every private bank job examination are math-related. The majority of us generally solve math to memorize it, not to acquire and adopt a specific style’s technique.

    See, you’ll find practically every form of an arithmetic question on this exam, and the majority of them will be as fresh as freshly baked cookies, not in style but in appearance. How can you solve it by memorizing if you don’t know the exact arithmetic technique?

    Simple answer, solve math to adapt to the style and technique. So, for example, if they offer you Permutation and Combination problems to solve, you may solve any of them, regardless of what they gave you or how much they altered it.

    Let’s pretend you can solve any form of the mathematical problem, but how rapidly can you do so? You won’t have a lot of time to answer all of the questions. As a result, you must be quick. To avoid having to write down the rough-solve or the entire math, try to do all of the calculations in your head. Short procedures should be used whenever possible. Because this is only an MCQ, avoid any needless writing. Or if it comes to the writing part, don’t need to elaborate and put in some unnecessary parts. Come to the answer in the shortest way possible and that is enough. The more efficient short techniques you can employ, the faster you can solve problems.

    So, the second important thing to crack the math side is to apply short techniques to solve math in the shortest time possible. 

    reed the dictionary
    Preparation of English needs to be solid for a proper private bank job preparation. Image source: www.timeshighereducation.com

    English preparation for Private Bank Job

    Try to be the best in English in order to have a decent preparation for a private bank job exam. Not only will the entire question be in English, but you will also need it for the Viva board and any subsequent job-related communication.

    Most of us have avoided English since we were children because we believe it is a difficult subject. It doesn’t matter if it’s complicated or simple; its value is growing substantially at every stage of life.

    If you have a weak command of the English language, it may be difficult for you to take this private bank job preparation, but it is not impossible. Initially, focus on mastering the fundamentals of this subject. Because if you have a robust foundation, you can expand your infrastructure as needed. However, if you don’t, a simple structure will quickly collapse. So do it again and again. Complete each grammar topic in the most time-effective manner possible.

    ব্যাংকে ইংরেজি কথোপকথন (Speak English at Bank)Read more: ব্যাংকে ইংরেজি কথোপকথন

    Additionally, make the vocabulary section stronger than the grammatical section. Because your vocabulary, not simply your grammar, is what determines how well you communicate.

    Barron’s and Cliff’s TOEFL are the finest for developing grammar. It will be ideal on your vocab side if you can complete the GMAT and GRE vocab.

    To conclude this section, the final recommendation is to focus on specific themes rather than reading grammar as a whole. Grammar does not have a lot to read. Complete each grammatical topic one at a time.

    analytical skills building
    Building your brain with analytical skills. Image Source: legallyengaged.com.ng

    Analytical Ability preparation for Private Bank Job

    If you don’t get the theme portion of the analytical ability question, this is the toughest subject of all, but if you do, it’s the easiest and most interesting. As these private banks look for an expert, their initial goal is to evaluate the participants’ IQ and problem-solving abilities.

    Always be cautious when answering these questions. Not that no one can answer these Analytical questions, but if you can’t point out the primary concentrating part, it takes longer time.

    This phase of the preparation requires a lot of practice. Because these types of questions feature certain unnecessary sections that are just meant to mislead the reader, practicing allows one to quickly and readily discover the key part of the question.

    There are various books on the market for practice, many of which are for MBA exam preparation. But don’t limit yourself to books; read all of the previous years’ questions to see what they have to offer. Is it difficult, perplexing, or straightforward? Then, with two steps of advance preparation, prepare yourself accordingly. Most importantly, continue to take preparation from the MBA admission test questions.

    বিসিএস প্রিলি লাইভ কোর্স

    বিসিএস প্রিলিমিনারি পরীক্ষার সর্বোচ্চ প্রস্তুতি নিন পিএসসি প্রদত্ত সিলেবাসের ওপর নেওয়া লাইভ ক্লাস, লেকচার শিট, টপিকভিত্তিক এক্সাম ও সাপ্তাহিক পূর্ণাঙ্গ মডেল টেস্ট এর সাহায্যে।


    General Knowledge for Private Bank Job preparation

    When preparing for a private bank job, don’t put too much emphasis on general knowledge. General knowledge questions do not come from a wide range in this exam. It primarily focuses on current events as well as some basic Bangla and International general knowledge. So, to keep up with current events, read the current affairs section of the newspaper every month. And if one can prepare from a well-known general knowledge book, this section will be a breeze. As a result, you can unwind a little because each bank places a greater emphasis on math, analytical ability, and IT questions.

    Computer and IT for Private Bank Job preparation

    As this is a technical subject, don’t just memorize everything from a book. Make an effort to comprehend all you read. For instance, if you only memorize two logic gate circuits and have no understanding of the structure or how the components operate, a single change in one component can prevent you from answering the question, even though you have covered the circuit part. As a result, don’t rely solely on memorization. If you simply read one topic, make an effort to comprehend the essential points and what it is truly stating.

    Try to cover previous year’s questions when preparing for this subject. Most people recommend studying from the ICT textbook of Higher Secondary students.

    typing in a typewriter
    Answering descriptive questions require good imagination. Image source: visualmodo.com

    Private Bank Job Descriptive Questions:

    Every private bank job exam will include a written question. And this written question is known as a descriptive question. There will be no additional time allotted for the written portion. That means you’ll have one hour to complete both the MCQ and Descriptive sections.

    Questions on translation and essay writing will be asked here. Mostly English to Bangla and Bangla to English translation in this case. The essay is usually generated by a current incident.

    The translation is essential for any written portion of a job exam. So, if you want to ace the exam, you must excel at it. In everyday life, if you see something in Bangla, translate it into English, and if it’s already in English, translate it into Bangla. Regularly read English newspapers and magazines in order to keep your brain in automatic translation mode.

    And if you’re strong at writing, you’ll be able to ace the essay portion easily. Always keep up with current events by reading and learning about them. The more you know, the better you’ll be able to write. You should also practice writing thoroughly before the exam. 

    Overall, English newspapers can assist with both translation and essay writing. Make an effort to think quickly and keep track of the time. You can advance your preparation by striking the right balance of learning and applying what you’ve learned.

    job interview
    Preparing for viva is essential too. Image Source: dental360home.files.wordpress.com

    Viva Exam preparation for private bank job

    If you pass the MCQ and Written exams, you will advance to this round. This phase of the exam is just as crucial as the previous part if you want to work for a private bank.

    To make a good impression on this section, do your utmost to demonstrate that you have a pleasant personality. On a viva board, you can’t just go by reading a book and know everything there is to know about the procedure. This is the section of the interview where the interviewers evaluate your attitude, personality, Intellectual capacity, and ability to adapt to a new setting. How you connect with others, how you speak, how professional you are, where everything matters.

    In your approach, try to be honest and responsible. If they ask you a question such as what you would do in this circumstance or how you view this aspect of life, try to give a positive response rather than a diplomatic or negative one. Maintain a professional demeanor while remaining respectful. If you don’t know the answer to a question, simply say you’re sorry and don’t get ashamed because no one knows everything.

    Prior to the viva exam, do your best to learn as much as you can about the bank and the most pertinent information. If they request a presentation, be confident in your ability to deliver it. On that particular day, try to dress appropriately. Also, if possible, meet someone from the bank who has recently joined, so you can get a sense of the viva board’s culture. 

    In the End

    There are various private banks in Bangladesh. A job at a private bank, for example, may not be as safe as one in the government. However, these jobs come with far too many other perks. And, if you truly want to prepare for a private bank job, you must devote considerable time and effort to your preparation, since competition is increasing all the time.

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