Why Freelancing is the Future? 6 Reasons to Choose Freelancing in 2022

May 23, 2022 ...

Freelancing, as a profession, has grown and evolved over the last decade into a significant source of income for millions of people around the world, and many more are expected to jump on the bandwagon in the future, according to several projections. Indeed, its rapid expansion, especially in the lower-income countries is aided by large scale technological advancements. Freelancing is now one of the biggest sources of employment for the youths in Bangladesh and is only expected to grow further.

The everlasting dilemma of deciding whether freelancing is worthwhile leaves many to not pursue it at all. We’re here to show you that freelancing is indeed a game-changer and with a little effort, it can help you create a sustainable source of income. If you’ve ever contemplated working as a freelancer, either as a side hustle or as a full-time job, you’ve come to the perfect place.

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As we gradually enter the post-pandemic era, people are continuously looking for new ways to make a living and find extra sources of income. Here we put forward 6 Reasons for choosing freelancing as a career:

1. Flexible Work Schedule in Freelancing

As a freelancer, you practically get to work on your own schedule and, to top it off, from the comfort of your own home! Working as a freelancer eliminates the need to go to the workplace daily. Working on freelance projects allows you to be more flexible with your work schedule.

Hence, you can say goodbye to 9 to 5 office hours and still earn just as much (if not more) by working as a skilled freelancer. For you, it’s a complete win-win! This is one of the most significant benefits of freelancing.


Graphic Design করে Freelancing

এই কোর্সটি আপনাকে কীভাবে সাহায্য করবে?

  • গ্রাফিক ডিজাইনের প্রয়োজনীয় টুল, থিউরি, প্রোজেক্ট ফাইল ও ক্যারিয়ার গাইডলাইন।
  • প্র্যাক্টিসের জন্য একটি ফ্রি ডিজাউন কন্টেন্ট লাইব্রেরি।
  • দেশি-বিদেশি চাকরি কিংবা ফ্রিল্যান্সিং করে টাকা আয় করতে পারবেন।
  • AI ব্যবহার করে আইডিয়া বের করে ডিজাইন করতে পারা।

    2. Opportunities for Networking in Freelancing

    The world around us is changing fast and in order to keep up, we require relationships that add value to our career and growth. When you work as a freelancer, you get the opportunity to show your work to a variety of clients from all around the world. This has a huge prospect of providing you with the major break you need to uplift your career.

    As a freelancer, you ought to be open to any opportunity that comes your way since making money is crucial, but building a network of prominent clients makes it a lot easier!

    3. Freedom to choose your Work as a Freelancer

    Freelancing allows you to pursue your passions following your creative instincts. You can choose to work on projects that interest you while also adding your own flair to them!

    When you operate alone, you get to make all the decisions associated with the task yourself. The entire process allows you to explore your ideas, experiment with them and apply them to your projects. You will reach a greater level of personal and professional progress by undergoing this process. It is one of the key reasons why you should work as a freelancer.

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    4. Work-life Synergy in Freelancing

    If you’re sceptical about how the work-life balance is as a freelancer, we have good news for you! Freelancing allows you to choose the projects you want to work on, based on your availability. This gives you the power to strike the perfect work-life balance you desire. 

    If you’re a workaholic, you can take on multiple projects at a time and stay busy for the better part of the day. If you’re a little laid back or if you’re somewhat busy with personal commitments, you can choose to take on less, so that you have ample time to spend with your family and watch Netflix for an hour or two! Doesn’t that seem like a plan?

    The best feature I find about freelancing is that you’re not constantly rushing towards deadlines or accomplishing unachievable goals, unless of course, you choose to do so!

    5. Consistent Flow of Income in Freelancing

    When you’re employed in a regular job, you’re tied to a predetermined monthly salary, with very little scope of increasing it at least for a significant period of time. However, freelancing allows you to generate income from multiple sources, depending on the number of clients and the volume of work you take on. Once you practice and polish your skills, you gradually become more efficient and can easily earn more by taking on a greater number of projects.

    Another feature to note is that you are not limited to one type of customer and there is flexibility for experimentation. This will allow you to discover your niche and gradually develop your expertise on it.



    ঘরে বসে Freelancing

    কোর্সটি করে যা শিখবেন:

  • একজন সফল ফ্রিল্যান্সার হওয়ার শুরু থেকে শেষ পর্যন্ত বিস্তারিত গাইডলাইন।
  • আন্তজার্তিক ফ্রিল্যান্সিং মার্কেটপ্লেস (যেমন: Upwork, Fiverr) এ নিজের প্রোফাইল তৈরি এবং কাজ পাবার উপায়।

    6. Unpredictable Job Market

    Many companies have suffered largely during the pandemic. This has resulted in unemployment and job insecurity. These concerns are unimportant when you are working as an independent contractor, i.e. a freelancer.

    Although freelancing has its downsides in terms of job security, if you’re well-skilled, there will always be a demand for your work in the marketplaces.

    Key Takeaways for Freelancing in Bangladesh

    Here are a few essential insights and ideas for getting started with freelancing:

    • Expand your network.
    • Organize your finances.
    • Maintain a work-life balance.
    • If you create a freelancing agency/company, create a separate website for it.
    • Keep in mind that you are your own boss! Give yourself freedom.


    Data Entry দিয়ে Freelancing

    কোর্সটি করে যা শিখবেন:

  • ফ্রিল্যান্সিং মার্কেটপ্লেসে কাজ শুরু করার জন্য ডাটা এন্ট্রি স্কিল
  • প্রফেশনালভাবে কাজ শিখে ফ্রিল্যান্সিং জগতে টাকা উপার্জন করার উপায়

    Bottom Line

    If you are still wondering if freelancing in Bangladesh is a career or not, the answer is YES and we have put forward all the reasons to justify it. Considering the pandemic, now is the best time to start if you haven’t already! Get that creative mind of yours to work and start freelancing as a career now!

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