7 Apps that will Change how you Study

September 19, 2016 ...

Don’t have the time to read? Please, give it a listen.

There’s this 7th season we all fail to acknowledge, but it’s there alright; the admission season and it’s already here. Students dread it; mentors can’t keep up with all the dough they’re making.

Fear not because this netizen here has come up with 7 apps to ease some of that admission-exam-preparation pressure.

Surprise, you can use your smartphone for productivity too!

Moving on to the list:

1.  Math tricks:

App designed to teach you interesting mathematical tricks that will expedite solving math problems. Think you know all the tricks? Give Math tricks a try and you will be pleasantly surprised. Not only does this app challenge the notion that you can’t apply the math taught in school but also shows you that math is fun!

When every second counts during an exam, some of these nifty tricks will come handy and save you precious time.

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2. Magoosh:

Brush up your vocabulary skills with this neat app that will aid you in learning SAT words far easily with its interactive design. Feel like rolling over and dying when you try to memorize the “hot prospect” list? Magoosh here is going to change that. It’s intuitive and creative, making the whole experience of learning new words that much more easily.

3. Mathaway:

This app enables you to get instant answers to all your math problems. I’ve been there, stuck with a calculus problem that seems virtually impossible for you to solve and then you proceed to zone out, thinking of anything but a solution to that problem. Mathaway can solve that for you.

Then again you could ask your teacher to help you out, but that exact problem was discussed while you were too busy on your phone. Expect a “you don’t pay enough attention” speech before you get any viable solution. Save yourself from a world of pain, use Mathaway.

Learn those tricky definitions and word meanings with ease

4. Pomodoro Timer Elite:

Lets you use the Pomodoro technique right from your smartphone, improving your time management. I know you study for like 10 minutes, (is that a 10 minute school reference? You tell me!) zone out for the next 20 and get up from your table for an hour break, don’t deny it. This stops you from reaching your optimal productivity potential.

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Pomodoro timer elite uses the pomodoro technique to enable you to be more productive with efficient time management.

5. Forest:

You are addicted to your smartphone and you are in denial. It’s okay. This app is here to deal with just that. You plant a seed and it continues to grow for the next 30 minutes. Unless you give in to the temptation to check Facebook and exit the app, the tree starts to wither.

6. Evernote:

Keep all of your notes organized; make a routine on what to study next and a lot more with this app. The closer the exams get the more you are going to start to overwhelm yourself with what to study next. To keep yourself in check, use Evernote to make a schedule on things you need to study, things you need to revise and things you plan on winging if it does come on the exam.

Study Smart

সঠিক নিয়মে পড়াশোনা করে তৈরি করুন আপনার কাঙ্ক্ষিত রেজাল্ট অর্জন করার পথ। আজই এনরোল করে শিখুন পড়াশোনা করার নিয়ম, পড়ালেখা রুটিন তৈরি এবং পড়াশোনা মনে রাখার উপায়।


7. Quizlet:

Make personalized flashcard for any subject. Learn those tricky definitions and word meanings with ease. The technique of using flashcards is often overlooked but is so effective; little snippets of information that your brain can quickly grasp at. Rather than going through physically cutting paper to make flashcards, you can use Quizlet, makes it so much simpler.

10MS, Study Materials


8. 10 Minute School:

Answer to all your admission preparation woes. The app is in the making, but the website is mobile friendly. Make it your go-to website to “Learn. Practice. Progress.”

The importance of learning English is immense in today’s world. 10 Minute School strives to make your learning experience effective and easy.

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