10 Myths about IELTS Exam

November 19, 2018 ...

As you prepare for your IELTS test, you are bound to come across hearsay regarding it. However, try your level best to not get distracted since most of these are technically not true. The reason I consider them to be myths is that they are mostly not true and secondly they can become a huge distraction to students. Second-hand information might lead to failures or disappointments. However, this blog can help you defend yourselves from such myths and help you ace the exam.

1. IELTS Test can only be taken a certain number of times.

You can sit for the IELTS exam as many times as you want. But the IELTS exam costs 195$. So if you plan to take the exam again, make sure you take enough preparations.

2. I get the option to choose which module of the IELTS test I wish to give.

If you intend to do a degree course, you need to take the Academic module. The General Training module is for diploma level courses or for immigration purposes.

3. It is easy to cheat in the IELTS exam.

If you intend to cheat on the test, you could be doing a grave mistake!

  1. IELTS is protected by an advanced and multilayered protection system to avoid any types of unfair means of commencement.
  2. The photograph is taken and fingerprints are scanned before giving a test to ensure that the same person sits for the test.
  3. Question papers are delivered directly to test centers without human interference.
  4. The centers are routinely audited.
  5. If a person is found using unfair means, he is disqualified, the organization where he wants to go is informed and the information is also passed along to the visa office.

So try to give the answers on your own. Even if you don’t know the answer to a particular question, try to guess it.

4. It is possible to get better scores at some IELTS test centers than at others

You may think that examiners at certain IELTS test centers are generous and somewhere else stricter to people of different nationalities. Well, that’s another rumor which gets circulated. IELTS officials use many ways to ensure standardization of band scores throughout the world. All testing centers try to give all candidates the same experience and they are trained rigorously for this. So it is really up to you and your performance on the day.

5. IELTS Test is more difficult than other English tests.

That’s a wrong idea. IELTS exam tests your ability to use English in certain tasks at a certain level and that is all. IELTS is not judged on the basis of difficulty as it does not need any kind of memorizing. It is based on understanding and proficiency of English. So, the better the concepts, the lesser the difficulty.

6. To achieve a good result in IELTS I should do as many model tests as possible.

Practicing from the sample questions is no doubt a good way to know what is expected to come and what is expected to be answered. However, to score better bands, you need to have a stronghold of the English language. Satisfactory overall Band Score is also the result of a number of strategies, not just practice tests.

7. The Reading Test is the most difficult IELTS Sub-test.

Some students believe that one particular sub-test is more difficult than the other 3 sub-tests. Most of the students take the Reading test as the most difficult one due to the time constraints while others find speaking sub-test tough due to the lack of fluency and proper pronunciation. It usually varies from person to person. Practice that skill set that you think is the hardest for you.

8. If I think my score is not accurate, there’s nothing I can do about it.

If you think you deserved more or there’s a probability of an error, you have the right to go for a re-check. But remember that this process costs extra money, and the second set of the band is official even if one or more of these scores are lower than before.

9. IELTS score can be used at any time in the future.

There’s a time limit on the usefulness on the Test Report Form which you received or will receive after the IELTS Test Exam. The IELTS Test Report Form (TRF) is valid for only two years. IELTS score is valid for a three-year period for Australian General Skilled Migration (GSM) applications.

10. There’s only one correct answer.

Well, that’s simply not true in IELTS speaking questions. There are many ways to answer the same question. It’s not like math where you know one particular question only has one answer. There are many ways to answer questions following the instructions properly and you need to simply say what you think is true for that particular question. Basically, the examiner judges the capability of a test-taker based on his/her grammar accuracy and range, pronunciation and the ability to grasp the questions, for example, two or more test-takers can choose different answers for a question and all could be correct because they imply similar meanings to the answer of a question.

IELTS is a high-profile exam where both the British Council and IDP test centers will never allow any malpractice during the test.  Questions in the IELTS exam are straightforward and are specially woven to evaluate your language skills. Remember, IELTS is a ‘No Pass & No Fail‘ test, where aptitude is evaluated on the basis of 1-9 band Scores. Good Luck!

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