Why should you apply to Public Universities in Texas?

February 17, 2018 ...

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Why Texas?

Texas? Is that the place filled with desserts and people who (ride on horses and yet) call themselves cowboys? Yeah, I know about that Texas from the ‘Old Wild West’ movies for sure. However, ‘this’ Texas that I am talking about is surely not the one you all are thinking about.

This Texas is the state with the 2nd largest economy in the entire United States, and according to Forbes, PolitiFact, and many other major economy sites, if Texas were country then it’s economy would rank 10th in the entire world.

While most states in the US usually have 1-2 major cities, Texas has 4-5 cities such as Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio which are not only major in the state but in the country, itself. The entire state’s economy is boomed by IT, Energy, and Professional Business industries. Hence, your future in this state surely means something.

Alright. Texas is an economically strong state. But why should I apply here?

Being economically strong means better standard of living, and better education. Texas consists of numerous major universities where you can get quality education. Since Texas has lots of prime companies, it has more jobs.

Graduating from any university from this state gives you an upper hand in terms of securing big jobs. Not a lot of us apply to Texas because Texas universities are not in the CommonApp list, and we end up losing a lot of great opportunities.

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How to apply?

Unlike CommonApp, you need to use ApplyTexas for applying to Texas universities and you also need to mail your documents. This means that you get no fee waivers and you even have to pay more for sending your documents via FedEx/DHL. But guys, trust me, it is all worth it. Keep reading to know why!


Now the most important question, why should I apply to universities in Texas? Is it true that getting a $1000 scholarship qualifies me for in-state tuition?

Firstly, Texas universities provide millions of dollars to both residents and international students as scholarships and aid. Next, the answer to the question. Yes, getting a scholarship of just $1000, your tuition becomes ‘in-state’ which means your tuition becomes $20,000-$25,000 less.

There’s just one condition, the university needs to be state owned, and the good thing is that Texas has some great public universities.

Difference between in-state and out of state tuition:

Mostly, public universities have this law for in and out of state tuition. In-state tuition is a standard tuition charged to all residents living in Texas (not citizens). Out of state is a highly increased tuition charged to all students who live out of the state (includes international students and even citizens from different states). To clarify the difference, in my university, UTD:

In-state tuition: $13,000 (roughly)

Out of state tuition: $33,000 (roughly)

This premium difference of $20,000 makes all the difference and this difference is almost the same in most public universities in USA. So, if you get a scholarship of at least $1000 at UTD, then your tuition becomes in-state – scholarship: $13,000 – $1,000 (or more) = $12,000 (or less)

Public Universities in Texas:

University of Texas (UT) System:

UT Austin, UT Dallas, UT Arlington, UT Southwestern Medical Center, UT Tyler, and more.

Check all of them: https://www.utsystem.edu/institutions.

Some important links: https://aes.utdallas.edu/prospective-freshmen/awards, http://www.uta.edu/fao/scholarships/index.php.

If you get just a scholarship of $1000 in these institutions, you automatically get qualified as an in-state tuition and so your costs decrease drastically.

Texas Tech System:

Texas Tech University in Lubbock

$1000 or more scholarship and you are good to go as an ‘in-state tuition’ guy.

http://www.depts.ttu.edu/scholarships/FreshmanPresidential.php ,

A&M System:

Texas A&M at College Station, Texas A&M at Galveston

This system is a bit more competitive, a scholarship of $3000 is required to be qualified for in-state tuition.


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Lower living cost

Another strong reason to study (and eventually live) in Texas is that living cost here is super low. One simple example:

Sharing an apartment of standard size with 4 people. Average cost per person:

In New York: $700-800

In Texas: $300-400

you earn more, you save more, and you live better

Hence, you will be saving a lot of money if you’re planning to study here.

Save more, ‘No Income Tax!’

Texas has NO State Income Tax. Therefore, you will be saving a lot of money compared to working in other states. Most states have both Federal and State Tax, but Texas only has Federal Tax and State Tax is waived for everybody! This means you earn more, you save more, and you live better.

Wrapping up!

Studying here in Texas will not only secure you a great future but also save you loads of money while getting quality education. With countless options to choose from, Texas has great public universities, and can you give you the best college experience you would dream for.
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