What made him Elon Musk?

May 27, 2018 ...

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It’s a struggle, really. Getting grounded for spending too much time on our gaming consoles, watching Netflix or reading fantasy novels all day can be quite a brackish experience, especially when you’re amidst your summer vacation with your bicycle being broken. If that’s something you can relate to, I feel you. So if you’re still somewhat guilty for wasting time on ‘unproductive stuff’ , you might want to rethink all over again.

Introducing Elon Musk

A lot of us are familiar with Elon Musk, the real life Iron Man who shook up  the Space and Automobile industry with is mighty wizardry. Think about the new Electric Roadster that booms from 0 mph to 60 mph in just 1.9 seconds, 600 miles range in a single charge and available at 1/15th the price of a Bugatti Chiron. Not to mention the autopilot feature.

How cool is that! Well, that’s just the base model. Did you wonder that in a matter of a few years, we might actually travel from Dhaka to New York within an hour? Did it ever occur to you that at one-point, people might be enjoying Starbucks at the surface of Mars bidding “Hello World” to us? It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Some may call him a visionary. Some might call him unrealistic. To me, he’s still a child who doesn’t accept the way people define “Reality.”

What made him Elon Musk?

More or less, we all praise his guts, sumptuous persona, diligence in work and the wiring of his thinking process. I’m pretty sure that most of our parental figures and the society that surround us would concede a sense of pride if they discover an Elon Musk within their community. But if one explores the key factors that compelled Elon Musk to become The Elon Musk as we see today, one simply cannot ignore the benefits of video games, comics and fantasy novels that carried him to where he is today. Period.

Video games’ influence on Elon Musk

You might be familiar with Elon Musk’s Rocket Manufacture Company ‘SpaceX.’ At SpaceX, Elon is steering a company where he dreams to revolutionize the space industry and make humans a Multiplanetary Species by focusing on colonizing Mars.   

That’s something you probably already know and quite impressed with. But what you may not know is that at the age of 12, Elon was already going through an existential crisis until he came upon ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’, a comic romp by Adam Douglas. Testified by Elon Musk himself, the comic was one of the major influence that furthered his interest in exploring space and its mysteries.

‘The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress’ by Robert Heinlein might just clear off some fog as well if you want more reference. Falcon-1 and Falcon-9 were the first rockets designed by SpaceX for test flights, but that wasn’t just it.  The Falcon Rockets were also a nod to Star Wars’ Millennium Falcon. Not to mention, the Dragon Spacecraft was another nod to ‘Puff Magic Dragon.’

Screen Shot 2018 05 27 at 00.43.01
Picture: Falcon Heavy Rocket and the Tesla Roadster it successfully carried to outer space.


Do you remember the recent SpaceX Falcon Heavy’s successful launch which carried a Tesla Roadster to Space? Like come on! Who sends a 1st Generation Tesla Roadster to deep space with a dummy wearing the Next Generation Space Suit designed by SpaceX, which in fact, was inspired by video games called Halo and Mass Effect. Things are getting interesting, isn’t it? NASA, the space giant fall far behind the Space Race according to stats and the rocket technology they use (which is still the same as the earliest Apollo Rockets) are somewhat primitive. So NASA, if you’re lacking inspiration, you better start playing Mass Effect right now!

Screen Shot 2018 05 27 at 00.43.12
Picture: Mass Effect Andromeda VS SpaceX Next Generation Spacesuit. (You see what he did there?)

However, SpaceX is not the only sensational achievement under the cult of Musk. The core vision of Elon’s companies like Tesla, Solar City, Neuralink, Boring, Virgin-Hyperloop, Solar City, Open AI, and his massive Giga Factory are the exemplifications of the cult of Musk and how brilliantly the fantasies  of his childhood are deeply embedded in him.

Elon Musk loves Rick and Morty

Also, not to forget, Elon Musk loves Rick and Morty! He has proved multiple times that he’s not afraid to get riggity riggity wrecked!

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Screen Shot 2018 05 27 at 00.43.21
Picture: Elon Musk with the creators of Rick and Morty in his SpaceX Headquarter.

Elon Musk is just like any one of us

Books, games, and computers were the only friends he had in his rough childhood. He used to spend hours after school in the library. Provided the influx of knowledge and the magnitude of  imagination that added up in Elon’s everyday life, he learned how to question things and answer them himself. Provided the possession of that very quality and energy, he never hesitated to question the limitations that has been holding the existing tech industries that have been progressing at a snail’s pace for decades now. At the age of 46, he still saves time to play video games, read, and travel. He considers them as de-stressing agents.

Elon Musk is a normal human being like any of us who never let go of his wild imaginations. Isn’t it funny when you get to know that Elon Musk went to Queens University instead of Waterloo only because Queens had better looking girls? Elon Musk majored in Economics and Physics from the University of Pennsylvania later.

After the phase of Zip2 and Paypal was over, Elon Musk was left in utter uncertainty of his career with a fat pile of cash. He simply followed his heart and leaned towards the Space Industry which was later followed up by Tesla Motors and some of the most successful companies of today. At that time, he had almost no idea about rocket science or how the Space Industry worked. When asked that how he coped up with that to build and push SpaceX and Tesla to the point as we see today, he answered in six simple words,

“I read a lot of books.”

Moral Of The Story:

This article is not written to preach gaming and reading in particular, but the acceptability of the factors that stretches our imagination to greater heights. It can be gaming, it can be sports, it can be cooking, it can be absolutely anything. Children are born with wings that are meant to fly in the pervading vast sky. If there’s any reason as to why we lack visionaries, it’s not because children are born different. Instead, many children amongst us are not allowed to spread their wings, even amputated in many cases. I wonder how advanced the human civilization would’ve been only if that wasn’t a problem.  

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