What is Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide

February 7, 2022 ...

What is web design? 

As the name itself refers, web design means the artwork of  Web designing. It is determining what a website would look like. A web designer develops a website template to upload content. A web designer is concerned with the website layout, headings, sidebars and menu bars, navigation tools, etc. In simple words, how a website presents content is shaped by web design.

Why Web design and development?

Suppose it’s your mother’s birthday today and you forgot to buy her a present. Thanks to the era of technology we don’t have to rush to supermarkets. We browse through numerous websites and pages from the comfort of our homes. This is not us being modern, this is the normal world now. So businesses, organizations, schools, and hospitals need to have a proper website to maintain their online presence as well as regular operations.

As each and every business needs a website now, there is a huge demand for web designers in job portals.

Let’s focus on the two websites below. Which one do you think is pleasant looking and more understandable?

10MS Website

Undoubtedly the latter one is clean, organized, and more readable to the netizens. It will provide a smooth interface to the audience making it more accepted. Hence, a beautiful web design is important in every sector today. Web design is the tool that is used to help people perceive a brand the way authors want others to. This is where the demand for web design rises.

There are 2 types of Website

  1. Static website – stable content without any rear-end user. Example – blogs, newsletters, etc. Creating such a website doesn’t require any application. Developing a static website is called static site designing.
  2. Dynamic website – website that takes command from a rear-end user. For example – changing your profile picture on Facebook, sending friend requests, etc. Developing a dynamic website is called dynamic site designing. Simple. Right?

How to become a web designer?

Starting with web design does not require any specific qualification. Anyone can begin learning web design with these topics-

  1. HTML: HTML or hypertext markup language is a coding language. This language is used to build the structure of a website. It is not a programming language, rather it’s easier than one. It is so simple that anyone can grasp it with regular practice.
  2. CSS: CSS or Cascading Style Sheet is also a coding language. It is used to design and style a website. The font style, colors, background, space between contents, etc are developed by CSS. The latest CSS3 version even adds video animation to websites. So namely the job CSS carries out is beautifying a website.
  3. JavaScript/Jquery: JavaScript is the most popular and flexible form of programming language. It makes a website interactive such as a menubar that would pop up when a visitor clicks the button. It helps a website to interact with its visitors effectively. Jquery is a type of javascript that makes javascript usage easier.
  4. Photoshop:  photoshop doesn’t directly help develop websites. Before developing a site, a draft of it should be made in Photoshop. It will make web designing faster and easier.

After learning these topics, you should learn the basics of PHP, MySql & bootstrap before embarking on your journey as a professional web designer.

How long does it take?

With regular practice and moderate learning speed, anyone can finish learning web design in 5/6 months.

Careers from Web designing

  • There are thousands of web designing job posts on Freelance sites on a single day. And the demand for professional web designers keeps increasing as we dive deeper into the internet culture.
  • There is a misconception that freelancing is the only opportunity for web designers. If you stop freelancing, your career would end. That’s not true at all!
  • Definitely freelancing is the biggest scope for web designing but it is not confined to it.
  • There are many marketplaces where web templates and elements are sold for a good price. For instance – WebflowThemeforest.net, etc.
  • You can have a career in digital marketing agencies or any business organization that needs to strictly maintain internet activities. If you want to go bigger, you can start your own web design agency achieving greater skills.

Where to learn web design?

There are many web design courses available on the internet. Here’s a sum-up of the best web design tutorial platforms-

  1. 10 Minute School – Learn website designing in Bangla through 46 Web design tutorials, quizzes, notes, and many more from the expert Fahim Murshed in just a click- 10 Minute School – web design
  1. W3Schools – a Norway-based free coding platform with online tutorials in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Photoshop, C Programming, C Programs, C++, C++11, C#, C++ Programs, Java, Java Programs, and more.
  1. Codecademy: An American online coding platform offering free coding tutorials in 12 languages. Codecademy assigns live projects to help learners master coding step by step.

YouTube, Coursera, and edX offer online tutorials on markup language, programming language, and website development.

Today the most significant aspect of a business presence is its web design. And the importance of it is only on the rise with no turning back. Getting a grasp on this career skill will open many more opportunities. So if you have been thinking of beginning coding, there’s nothing to wait for!

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