Top 10 Skills You Should Know in 2022

December 14, 2021 ...

Clock ticking fast even if we are pandemic-stuck. We move forward with each passing day. The competency needed for the past becomes obsolete in coming years. This is the law of nature. According to the report of future jobs by the World Economic Forum, businesses expect 44% of employee skills to change by 2025.

As we stand on the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution, both hard and soft skills demand a drastic change. The COVID-19 pandemic has only fueled the need for transformation. New jobs are coming into existence while many traditional jobs are soon to see their demise. 

The world economy has started to stand on its feet again after the pandemic in 2022. How does one prepare for new challenges right from the beginning? What should be the new year’s resolution?

10 skills you should have in 2022

The new year brings new hope. With a solid goal in mind and the right list of skills for 2022 in hand, you can make it ‘your year’. Here is the list of most sought-after soft and hard skills to give you an advantage both in academics and career.

Digital literacy

No matter what you do, wherever you work or study, you’re expected to be a tech-savvy person in 2022. What was once required to be skilled in Microsoft Office now requires to be an expert in G-suit, Zoom, Slack, Email & data management. The next-generation workplace solely depends on digital channels. Thus, you need to be a digital warrior.

Knowledge of Excel

No workplace is complete without Excel. It is the number one platform when it comes to analyzing and presenting data. From basic calculation to technical mathematics- excel does it all in just a millisecond. If you know how to operate excel, you are almost job-ready!

Cloud computing

Every organization uses some sort of cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud. Not only are these services and goods in high demand among clients, but also among businesses as a whole. In-depth knowledge of these systems is necessary for anyone working in the organization.

The three most common types of cloud services are as follows:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS), 
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS), 
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) 

UX design

A user experience designer studies how people behave and engage with products.

UX designers collaborate closely with various disciplines keeping the user in mind. They provide goods and digital services that make people’s life easier and more convenient. User Experience designers are in high demand as the number of new sites and apps grows. In consequence, 2022 would require more and more UX design skills.

Project management

Tasks are completed by humans, even if we use technology extensively. With more firms going remote, employers need to know that their employees can effectively manage their time and schedules. To stand out from the crowd, applicants should get familiar with one or two project management systems, such as Asana, Jira, Microsoft Project, etc.

Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills are important to maintain effective workplace culture. Recruiters often seek employees who have excellent communication skills because it is essential for interacting and collaborating with groups and individuals in your personal and professional life.

People with high interpersonal skills are more likely to form positive relationships and collaborate effectively. They also have a good understanding of their family, friends, coworkers, and customers.

Analytical and critical thinking

As per Deloitte’s 2019 Industry 4.0 readiness study, The most innovative technology, marketing, and telecom (TMT) organizations prefer critical thinking abilities over technical skills. Giant companies are concentrating their efforts on creating this capability for success in the 4IR. You need to build mathematical skills, learn new things, be more observant and sharp to be a critical thinker.

Social and emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a soft skill that is sometimes underestimated, yet it is something that employers will be searching for in the future. The pandemic has caused corporate environments to adjust, which entails what employers refer to as emotional intelligence — essentially, the capacity to react correctly to inconveniences or challenges.

We demonstrate emotional intelligence: Being mindful of the language you use, being service-oriented, and having self-awareness of your own emotions and tone of voice.

Leadership skills

It’s no longer enough to just be able to direct employees toward company goals in the 4IR phase. Leadership techniques that are competent, adaptable, entrepreneurial, and values-based are therefore going to be welcomed by modern professionals.

Individuals ought to be capable of leading dispersed, remote teams, inspiring employees with empathy, encouraging workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion, establishing trust and transparency, driving sustainability, and emphasizing social responsibilities.

Blockchain Programming

The technology that powers cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are known as a blockchain. Simply explained, blockchain is a decentralized system that can store information and hence functions as a database. The primary benefit of blockchain technology is that the data it stores is immutable and very secure.

It is a very appealing technology that finds diverse use cases in businesses that deal with sensitive data, such as healthcare, banking, and government, because of the high level of secrecy.

And, as the volume of data produced grows, blockchain provides a solution for data privacy and storage gaps.

To work in the blockchain world, your staff must have a thorough understanding of 

  • Data structures, 
  • Cryptography, smart contracts, and, of course,
  • Blockchain.

Conclusion: Upskill today

Skills are meant to be counted backdated after a certain time. The best way to ensure you are up to date is to continuously learn. To stay up with the changes ahead, you’ll need to be prepared to continually reinvent yourself while altering your approach to work and people on a regular basis, as well as a dedication to nurturing your own uniquely human qualities.

May your new year’s resolution prove to be a success!

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