The 11 inevitable stages of Life

March 6, 2018 ...

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I believe there are 11 stages in our lives during which we have a very hard time. These are the stages where we feel as if we lost control over our lives and that nothing’s going according to plan. That feeling can be the worst feeling. I’ve been there, and I can relate.

But what if I told you that there is a way to reduce the complexities of those stages? What if I told you there is an easy solution to all this?

And that is why I started to write my very first book, ‘Life Is Very Easy’ where I tried to address all those problems and how to solve them. It ended up being one of the best sellers of the 21st February Book Fair.

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I am an absolute 100% confident that at one point or the other, you will find yourself in any of these stages of thought. And the fascinating fact is, I will ask you one question on that thought, and your answer to that will be the title of the next ‘Thought-stage’. Let me elaborate.

  • Thought Stage 0 – Your birth

I call this stage, stage ‘0’.

Why? Because, at birth, we start from zero; we start from nothing

Ask Yourself: What was your first feeling when you saw the light of this day?

Probable Answer: I felt very lonely. It was loneliness.

  • Thought stage 1: I feel lonely

Ask Yourself: Why do you feel lonely, even when there are so many people around you?

Probable Answer: The people surrounding us are not cooperative and appreciating.

  • Thought stage 2: Those who are responsible for inflicting pain in our lives

Ask Yourself: How do you feel, when people insult and humiliate you?

Probable Answer: We always seek love and respect from the surroundings. And when we don’t get it, we feel worthless in stage 2.

  • Thought Stage 3: Am I really worthless?

 Ask Yourself: How do you feel the moment you are not valued by others?

 Probable Answer: Usually when we are not valued by others, we stop valuing ourselves too. We question our very identity. We feel lost.

  • Thought Stage 4: I feel my life has lost track

 Ask Yourself: In stage 4, we try to fight back. We try to regain control. How do you feel during that moment?

 Probable Answer: There is a difference between ‘identifying the truth’ & ‘accepting the truth’. We understand, but we can’t make out what it means for us.

  • Thought Stage 5: I can understand, but I can’t work it out

 Ask Yourself: For example, you have prepared yourself to do the work, but you are making mistakes. It is natural to make mistakes when you are trying to transform your life into something better. What will you hear from your surroundings?

 Probable Answer:You are not mature enough! You lack common sense!”

  • Thought Stage 6: “You are not mature enough! You lack common sense!”

 Ask Yourself: Who would accuse you of lacking maturity and common sense? Are they distant to you or those pretty close to you?

 Probable Answer: Surprisingly, the people closest to you accuse you the most. Sometimes, you won’t understand why they insult and criticize you so much. It just complicates our relationship.

  • Thought Stage 7: Why it is hard to understand the dynamics of the relationship?

 Ask Yourself: How do you feel, when you can’t understand your family?

 Probable Answer: The moment we can’t understand our close ones, we fall prey to internal conflict. We feel we can’t understand ourselves either.

  • Thought Stage 8: I am still struggling to find and understand myself.

 Ask Yourself: The moment we start understanding ourselves, it gets better. What do we worry about during that time?

 Probable Answer: We want to achieve a lot in life but lack the confidence and guts to do that.

  • Thought Stage 9: I can’t believe that I can achieve what I dream!

 Ask Yourself: If ‘Achievements’ & ‘Success’ were the most valuable things in life, then the stage 9 would be the last one. Even after achieving a lot, we still feel empty. Why?

 Probable Answer: We have regrets.

  • Thought Stage 10: I don’t want to finish my journey of life with regrets!

You realize that you have missed out on a lot of opportunities. You realize that you have missed a million chances of making beautiful memories. You realize that your past is consuming you. The ‘what could’ve been-s’ and the ‘what should’ve been-s’ are consuming you. And you tell yourself that you don’t want this again. You want to be free. You want a life without regrets.

But how do you lead a life without regrets?

And that’s the final question. That’s where all of our thoughts eventually lead to. One answer that can solve all those problems. That’s why I wrote this article, to guide you towards that question. To show you what really matters. To show you the one question that eventually determines our happiness in life.

You can start thinking about that question now. You can start trying to answer it. Truth is, only you can find your own answer, no one can do it for you.

I wrote my book to answer that question. Because I realized people deserved to know how they can solve their problems. You deserve to know how you can answer those questions.

And the answer lies in the title itself: Life Is Very Easy indeed. And the moment you figure that out is the moment your life will stop being stagnant. But remember, my book and everything I say is a mere guide only. It will show you the path. But only you can travel it yourself.

Did you notice one thing though?

The starting of the thought stages is the Starting of your Life.

The ending of the thought stages is the Ending of your Life.

And everything in between is life itself, a journey, the most beautiful journey in the world.

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