Please do ‘NOT’ do these in your next presentation

February 20, 2016 ...
Don’t have the time to read? Please give it a listen.

1. The boring beginning:

Don’t start with a plain ‘welcome’ slide. Ask a question, show a video, or start with a weird fact because anything is better than beginning your presentation like most of the politicians!


2. Standing stiff and leaving your personality backstage:

People want to connect with you. Be comfortable and let them see the person beyond the slides!2

3. Read the slides:

Don’t do this. Ever. If people wanted to hear someone read, they would go hear a graduation ceremony speech. Do not fall victim to this surefire way to lose your audience’s interest.


4. Using transitions as awkward as that one dance move you had in school:

Your transitions need to be as smooth as you wish your flirting skills were. Seriously. Avoid clichéd transitions like “next [insert name], now [insert name], done, so and most importantly, the infamous duos ‘uh and umm’.


People remember what you say in the first 30-40 seconds of your presentation most vividly.

5. The end:

Don’t end with a plain ‘thank you’ slide. Go out with a bang! Remember that one movie you loved till it ended in the most disappointing way ever? Do not do that to your audience; give them some food for thought in the end.



6. Forgetting to smile:

The theory of ‘he-didn’t-use-an-emoticon-in-the-end-he-must-be-angry’ works in real life conversations too. Do not forget to smile! When audience members see a genuine and sincere smile, it makes them want to smile too.


7. Using the podium as Captain America’s shield:

Do NOT do it. Do not hide behind it. Presentations can be scary, but remember, if you move around a little, your audience is more likely to stay focused.

8. Forgetting to use slide changers:

Slide changers should become your next best friend, so that you can avoid THIS:


9. Forgetting to maintain eye contact:

Have you ever been to a presentation where the speaker spent all of his time looking at his notes, the projector, the floor, or the ceiling? Pretty much anyone/anything but you? How did that make you feel? Try to maintain eye contact to enable a personal connection with your audience.

10. Forgetting your audience:

It’s not about YOU. Make your presentation about your audience. Sometimes, we can get so wrapped up in delivering our presentations that we forget about the needs of our audience. Don’t let that happen to you!

Special thanks to BUP marketing department. A big shout out for their spontaneous participation.

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