US Undergrad Application in 5 Minutes

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In only 5 minutes, this article will guide you through all the steps you need to take in order to make an application for undergraduate admission in an university of the United States.

The process can seem a bit overwhelming at times but remember, if you start moderately early, you will have around 6 months to complete everything. Plus, speaking from experience, the application itself is totally worth it, let alone the positive results you might get at the end! So here, it goes!

 Requirements and things to keep in mind: 

CommonApp (online)

A holistic approach to requirements 

Academic Transcripts (Your guidance counsellor has to submit them via his/her Common App account)

Academic Requirements and things to keep in mind

Standardized Exams (Register and submit scores online)

Preparing for Standardized Exams

Teacher Recommendations

Extra-curricular activities (ECA)

Which ECAs to portray

Tips on writing the application Essays

Which college should you apply to?

 A bit about financial aid

For further questions


Important Note;

If you are considering applying abroad. Please, learn to do your own research on questions you might have. Answers to most questions being asked in online forums can be easily found on Google.

If you have questions about any institution, send an email to the institution asking your questions or just search their website. Search for videos about the process online too.

10 Minute School has an entire YouTube series solely dedicated to US university application process taught by Bristy Sikder, a present senior at MIT who got  accepted into 15 top universities of the world during her time. If you have a dream of achieving something, be willing to put efforts into it and one day you can see it coming true. Good luck for all the endeavors ahead!

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