How good are you at English Grammar? (Part-1)

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1. Which of these sentences is grammatically correct?

2. Which one is correct?

3. Which of these sentences is grammatically incorrect?

4. The storm affected/effected many people.

5. Which sentence is correct?

6. That was a near miss. Which part of speech is near?

7. Which of these is grammatically incorrect?

8. Neither of us is/are interested to go to the picnic.

9. She is one of those people who make/makes a big deal out of everything.

10. Which one of the sentences is correct?

11. Which one of these sentences is incorrect?

12. "The Queen arrived at the castle with the King by her side, in a dress adorned with hand-sewn embroidered dragons." What kind of mistake is this?

13. Which of the following sentences correctly uses a semi-colon?

14. Which sentence is correct?

15. Which sentence is correct?

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