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December 10, 2016 ...

Don’t have time to read? Then give it a listen.

If you like to design, animate, edit or just want to make good presentations & reports, then this article is for you cause I’m going to introduce you with a few friends who are going to help you ace those mentioned stuffs.!

1.   Times New Roman is not new anymore and Comic Sans isn’t cool. Let’s face it, Calibri or Arial won’t be unique as well. So you might as well go outside the box and use fonts which are pretty new & cool. Where to find them, you ask? & are your first two friends.


2.  Visuals always help and great visuals always mesmerize. Stop using the same old photos from Google images. A little bit of creativity will go a long way, I’m telling you. is the place to hunt these mesmerizing stock photos.


3.  If you want to run an extra mile, then I’ll suggest you to visit for more awesome stuffs.


4.  Forget bullet points and start using icons. These icons will instantly make things look classier. All you need to do is use them over plain text and VOILA! is my personal favourite to find classy icons.


Start using these amazing sites and you’ll see a great change in your design elements. Still not sure if you are competent enough to use these resources properly? I have an easy step by step guide for you then. Thank me later maybe.

This is where to start:


Master the Art of PowerPoint!

Powerpoint skills are very important for presentations but a lot of people are not well versed about the use of it.

Visit this exclusive 10 Minute School playlist, learn some nifty tricks and become proficient in making powerpoint presentations!

And this how to get better:


Now don’t just keep these friends to yourself. Share the article with the world and make it a better designed place. Godspeed!  😀

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