8 reasons to study in South Korea

May 15, 2018 ...

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If you are lucky enough to get the opportunity to study abroad, definitely put South Korea at the top of your list. A perfectly balanced country in terms of tradition and modernization, Korea is home both to the technological giants Samsung and LG, as well as several UNESCO world heritage sites. If you have never considered South Korea as a destination for your higher studies, here are eight reasons to change your mind:

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1. Top Ranked Universities

South Korea is renowned for its university rankings. In academics, research, employment rates and public service some the universities are setting the standards of excellence. E.g: Seoul National University, KAIST, YONSEI University and many more.

2. Cheap Cost of Living

Living in South Korea is cheaper than in other countries. For instance, a student living in the U.S. could expect to spend around $20,000-$25,000 per year on tuition fees, whereas the expense for a foreign student studying in Korea is only $6,500 a year – which includes both course materials and accommodation costs!

3. Generous Scholarships

Like most other countries, South Korea offers over 200 scholarships for international students. But the most notable is the Korean Government Scholarship Program which is known as KGSP, set up by the Korean government for foreign students who have applied for an undergraduate program or Master’s or for Post Graduate Degree. This scholarship provides a tuition fee exemption with a round-trip economy class ticket and much more!

4. Immersive Culture and KPOP!

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Due to their rich history, South Korea has a variety of traditions that they have kept alive throughout the centuries. You can find traditional Korean dance and music performances, almost anywhere. People love to dress in traditional clothes and that can be an amazing sight. Even in modern Seoul, you can still find traditional hanok house neighbourhoods with lovely teahouses that have been in existence for decades. The Korean television shows, movies and music are of amazing quality. As of this moment,  South Korean music (aka KPOP) is breaking records and winning hearts all over the world (Go BTS!).

5. The Language

Although the national language is Hangul, everything related to your course materials will obviously be in English. Almost every university has Korean language courses to help foreign students adjust and thrive in their new surroundings, and it is common for native students to act as tutors for international students – which helps people to learn the language and make friends at the same time.

6. Amazing Student Life in South Korea

Student life in South Korea is a mixture of strong academics, refreshing recreational activities and intellectual growth. Korean students are incredibly welcoming to their international classmates. They are more than eager to share their culture with those unfamiliar with their country so that you can grow to call it your home.

7. Opportunities for travelling

The country offers miles and miles of beautiful coasts and stunning beaches. It’s known for its exceptional natural wonders and breathtaking views.

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8. Career and Job Prospects

Since the 1960’s, the Korean economy has been booming making it one of the strongest economies in Asia. This has led to massive interest from international organisations and foreign investors. The prospective jobs and careers in the country are becoming more demanding by the second. Studying in Korea will give you the experience and language skills necessary to pursue a career there and will put you at the front of the cutting edge job market.

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