8 Fun Ways to Learn Vocabularies

October 21, 2016 ...

পুরোটা পড়ার সময় নেই ? ব্লগটি একবার শুনে নাও !

Obstreperous. Sacrilegious. Imperious. Presumptuous. Loquacious. …

Okay, okay, I should stop here. Hope I have managed to impress you guys with my super awesome vocabulary! Now, lame jokes apart, let me tell you how very often I, as a teacher, have to listen to pupils whining about not remembering the meanings of the words they learn specifically for admission purpose. While it IS natural to not remember EVERY word you learn, putting some extra effort in your learning in a smart way can work miracles! So, let’s see how we can learn vocabs and have fun at the same time.


Let’s think of a hypothetical situation. Suppose, you are in a large room with 50 strangers each of whom will tell you his/her name. After you are done with knowing everyone’s names, you will be asked by random people their names. So, how many do you think you will manage to remember?

Let’s say, there are people named Ambiguous, Dubious, Frivolous, Innocuous etc. So, do you think that merely memorizing all the names without properly looking at the features of the owners of the names, you will be able to distinguish Ambiguous from Dubious? Or, maybe Frivolous from Fastidious? Presumably, the answer is no. just like this, students face difficulties remembering meanings of new words simply because they try to memorize meanings instead of doing a bit research into the words.

For example, “Serendipity” means something interesting or pleasant happening by chance. If you cannot guarantee that you will remember this meaning after a week, it is high time you learn a bit more about this word. Like, “Serendipity” is a noun and its adjective is “Serendipitous” as in “Serendipitous discoveries”, which means discoveries that are made not with effort but by sheer luck. Now, you are more likely to remember what “Serendipity” actually means. So, don’t just learn the words by heart, rather spend a few more minutes to know the words.



It hardly matters if you are a brainiac or not; if you don’t have enough practice, you will not remember even 10% of what you have learnt. So practice more and more. Write down the meanings in your copy, use the words in your writings, and thus build your vocabulary more effectively.


Flash cards are one of the most fun educational tools that you can use to learn new words. Just go to any stationary shop and ask for colorful poster paper. Each paper will cost you BDT Tk. 15. Cut the papers into square cards, use color pens to write down the word on one side and its meaning and a sentence on the other and carry them wherever you like.


To test your verbal skill, log onto sites that offer different sets of questions on vocabulary. One of the most promising sites is 10 Minute School where you will find questions of varied levels of difficulty that you will have to answer within a time limit. Later you can check your answers and also your scores to see how much your vocabulary has improved.



As long as you have VPN in your phone, you don’t need to worry about whether Facebook is blocked in your country. So, go berserk with all the words you have learnt and use them in all of your Facebook posts and statuses. Write, in your overlong statuses, “Upheaval” in place of “Change”, “Drab” to mean how “Dull” something is and “Squander” to say how people “Waste” their time and money. Besides making a lasting impression on your virtual friends, you will help yourself remember the words for the rest of your life.


Learning words is fun when you play with your friends all those super cool word games invented to develop your verbal skills to an amazing extent. Learning becomes more permanent when winning a challenge becomes a part of it. Also, don’t forget to have a treat from your friend if you manage to defeat him/her.


Every time you learn a new word, google the word and find an image – preferably funny meme- that best describes the word. Then save the picture with the word edited on it. Keep all the images in your phone and review them whenever you are getting bored, the visual effect will definitely help you remember the meanings more confidently.



My personal experience says that words learnt through reading books, watching movies and TV series, listening to music stay with you longer than those learnt by rote. So, next time when you are rereading your Harry Potter books or rewatching a Game of Thrones episode, make a point of learning every unfamiliar word you come across.

See the magic!

Now, let me tell you this one last time: learning vocabs is a drudgery. There will be moments of frustration and disappointment till the moment you feel compelled to give up. So, instead of going super fast with your vocabulary lessons, learn a few ones everyday, revise them from time to time, use them generously in your daily life and see the magic!

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