10 Reasons to get into IBA (DU)

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10. Something beyond the IBA tag “money, fame, swag

Sure, you can dream of earning lots of greens once you graduate. Sure, you may think everyone around will start idolizing you (and your crush will finally respond to your chat messages with more than just a “seen”).

But they are all superficial charms. The kind of friends you will find here, and the memories you will make with them, will never compare to anything else!

9. Earning the label of a “Genius”

Which you will eventually find to be laughable once you realize that NO ONE gets any studying done here. EVER.

8. Futsal Fiestas

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We are just scared to play in the big fields ._. so we have this little open space right within our campus, which is picture perfect for futsal. And no surprise, that’s our favourite pastime!

7. The “Bunkers”

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On paper, it is a sacred hall meant for intense group studies. In reality, the only time you will find more than “two” souls in this slightly creepy underground-type lair that The Undertaker might adopt as his home, is when there’s a mid or final exam just 2 hours later. 

6. No one knows what’s going on!

If you revel in anarchy, you’re coming to the right place. We throw our class routines out the window, and laugh at any exam date announcements!

Why? Because there’s no one not used to waking up in the morning and finding a post in their FB group that simply states “Class cancelled” or “Exam postponed”.

All the time.

Oh, and before you assume we’re describing paradise here, the anarchy cuts both ways: surprise quizzes, surprise presentations, and even mid terms the next day!

5. The (Positive) Peer Pressure!

Here, peer pressure is actually a good thing. Most of your batchmates are going to be exceptionally talented, and even if you’re not an envious prick, the drive to keep up with them will push you to new heights yourself!

4. Comfort Zone = The “F” Zone

If the idea of speaking in front of a crowd makes you wet your pants, prepare to carry extra underwear when you go to class. Because there is no escape from presentations so long as your plan doesn’t include getting “Fs” in your courses.

But as you are forced to move away from your comfort zone, you simply become BETTER.

3. You will become a business “know-it-all” and start winning “everything”

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One course with the revered Mustaque Sir, for example, and you will never forget the role of marketing and innovation in business, and how to make customers go WOW! with your products.

2. At first you will call them “friends”, but in the end they will become your “family”.

The 4 years are going to zip by in a flash, trust me. But in the course you will realize that the person who steals your food, the person who bosses everyone around, the person who brags like there is no tomorrow, and the person who always asks for your notes at the last minute…they are all your family.

1. Ibaites, Ibaites, everywhere!

admission, Dhaka University, iba, Reasons

Imagine how convenient it can be to have a relative working in a top corporation. You can get all sorts of access and help easily, right?

The same is true if you’re an Ibaite! Because most of the top local and multinational firms have Ibaites at all levels, help is usually just a phone call away.

Learn English with ease!

The importance of learning English is immense in today’s world. 10 Minute School strives to make your learning experience effective and easy.

Not to mention how the IBA graduates are the most wonderful bunch of people you will ever meet!

So, are you convinced yet? If so, go for it! It can very well be the best decision you ever made 😀

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